Screw you! I’m choosing me – The Workbooks

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Each workbook is productive and forward-moving; encouraging you to share your ideas and start to implement a plan or strategy to move you from where you are today; piece by piece. Healing doesn’t happen all at once so it can help to have a guide to ensure you’re moving in the right direction and are able to maximise the benefits of your healing process.

Workbook 1: Understand – Leave – Heal

Your first healing step is to really start to understand what happened in your relationship that made it toxic; identifying it – calling it out; understanding your behaviours/reactions/responses and then taking the steps you need to access the life you want (with inner peace and happiness).

Often a toxic relationship forces us to act out in ways we wouldn’t usually, which causes us to feel bad, and ultimately is what prevents us from sharing a happy, healthy and loving partnership – because the relationship we have with ourselves also turns toxic at this point.

This workbook talks about where you want to be to give you a clearer indication of where the gaps are in where you currently stand; how you can get there – safely, whether you choose to permanently leave the relationship or not; And how you can begin working to accept your experience.


Here’s what you will find in this workbook:

– Information (with links to more information) to assist understanding
– Simple strategies to help you take action
– Guided exercises to shift the focus back to you
– A guideline to assist your healing, including rules for recovery
– Activities to help you understand toxic relationships and associated behaviours
– Templates to help you implement healing strategies at each stage
– A preliminary guide to help you find acceptance for your experience

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