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Sarah J Webb has a Communications degree and enjoys writing as a way of contributing to the community, and making a positive difference to people’s lives. Following her initial studies, Sarah continued to study and became a qualified life coach and conversational hypnotherapist as well as studying counselling. Sarah uses her skills combined with her knowledge and experience to create each resource with compassion and care.

Screw you! I’m choosing me – The Book

AUD$19.99 each

This 90-page book is the ultimate healing resource! It’s called “Screw you! I’m choosing me – saying it and following up with action; and it’s definitely one for the action takers, or those who don’t know what action to take next or how to heal. Seeing someone struggling? This is the perfect gift to help them reclaim their confidence and step back into their personal power as they re-establish their self-worth and strive towards an easier healing journey.


Focusing on five core chapters, this book details strategies for:
> The New You: An Introduction
> Discovering your happy place
> Unleashing your personal power
> Essential advice to being your best
> The self-discovery evolution.

This book includes the strategies you need to refocus on yourself after a toxic relationship. As a bonus, you will also have FREE access to my audiobook which details my story – the relationship, the healing and the next chapter. It also offers great discounts off my other resources and services! Get your copy now!

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Screw you! I’m choosing me – The Workbooks

AUD$14.99 each

Each workbook is productive and forward-moving; encouraging you to share your ideas and start to implement a plan or strategy to move you from where you are today; piece by piece. Healing doesn’t happen all at once so it can help to have a guide to ensure you’re moving in the right direction and are able to maximise the benefits of your healing process.

Workbook 1: Understand – Leave – Heal

Your first healing step is to really start to understand what happened in your relationship that made it toxic; identifying it – calling it out; understanding your behaviours/reactions/responses and then taking the steps you need to access the life you want (with inner peace and happiness).

Often a toxic relationship forces us to act out in ways we wouldn’t usually, which causes us to feel bad, and ultimately is what prevents us from sharing a happy, healthy and loving partnership – because the relationship we have with ourselves also turns toxic at this point.

This workbook talks about where you want to be to give you a clearer indication of where the gaps are in where you currently stand; how you can get there – safely, whether you choose to permanently leave the relationship or not; And how you can begin working to accept your experience.


Here’s what you will find in this workbook:

– Information (with links to more information) to assist understanding
– Simple strategies to help you take action
– Guided exercises to shift the focus back to you
– A guideline to assist your healing, including rules for recovery
– Activities to help you understand toxic relationships and associated behaviours
– Templates to help you implement healing strategies at each stage
– A preliminary guide to help you find acceptance for your experience

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