My team specialises in creating engaging websites with captivating content that drives customers to interact more with your business. The affordable packages build everything in – so you don’t need to worry about another thing.

I didn’t always do websites…

When I had my first website built, I was so excited, it cost me about $10,000, and I was so proud! *Get set to cringe*

Once it was built, I was told there would be an annual fee for “hosting” (whatever-that-is…), and every time I “broke it” while trying to do security updates to lock out hackers, I was forced back to the agency for more (very expensive) support.

I’m not going to lie, it was a total nightmare!

That’s when I realised, websites are forever evolving and it’s better to know how to manage it and create it yourself, as it evolves, than to depend on others. And that’s why my team and I GIVE you your website once it’s built and train you how to use it. But we’re here for additional support if you need us.

What I can do for you

Each website package offers everything you need for a fully functional website that will engage and educate your customers about your business, give you a competitive edge and drive people to contact you about your products and services.

I don’t believe in hidden costs, so I’ll tell you as much as I can upfront about how much the entire package will cost before I even get started.

I have three main packages – all you need to do to start is select a package and fill in the briefing form.

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And it doesn’t stop there…

Once I have created your highly-engaging website and trained you in exactly how to use it, I don’t just let you go out into the world and hope for the best… unlike other agencies.

Instead, I offer MORE!

I’ve teamed up with IT security experts who can protect your site against hackers, do all your updates for you and I’ll help you with any maintenance bits and pieces in between. Again, there are a few packages to choose from and the main difference is the length of service provided and hosting.

Each Security, Hosting and Maintenance package includes theme maintenance, security updates, file back ups, hosting and a 30 day social media or business strategy tailored for your business. We have plans available for: 12 months, 24 months, 36 months, 60 months, 120 months.

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