Relationship Consultations


Self-Care Consultation     $159

90 Minutes

This consultation is all about gaining a thorough understanding of your emotional health and overall wellbeing so that you can reach your goals through holistic practices. This involves a comprehensive analysis of your belief systems, patterns and any current pain you’re experiencing so that I can offer personalised, sustainable strategies and a plan going forward that can be easily integrated into your life!

BONUS! This consultation includes a self-care pack including strategies to naturally recharge while you’re feeling stuck and in a difficult situation and a highly sought after detailed template to help you create and implement your own personalised self-care plan.

Available via Skype / Phone / Facebook Call



General Consultation $97/session

60 Minutes

These consultations allow us to put your plan into practice! You will feel supported in implementing the positive changes prescribed in your plan to help you move forward,  as well as regular check-ins where we will monitor your progress and adjust your plan accordingly. Follow up consultations are vital in keeping you on track, ensuring that you reach your ultimate goals.

Available via Skype / Phone / Facebook Call



The Ultimate Healing Support $999

12 Sessions

This is the ultimate personalised healing experience. During Your Healing Journey you will experience a complete transformation, from the people in your life and the quality of those relationships, to how you’re communicating, the resources you have access to and any factors within your day-to-day environments that may be sabotaging your relationship goals. You will receive hands-on advice into how you can enhance your life through simple and efficient lifestyle and behaviour modifications, with strategies that will fast-track the healing process.


– 1 x 90 minute session: available via Skype and Phone Call (normally $159)

– 11 x 60 minute session: available via Skype and Phone Call (normally $97 ea)

– Your detailed next steps within 24 hours

– Priority email support – direct and specific responses within 48 hours

$5 OFF all 12 healing Workbooks (normally $14.99 each)



Face-to-Face Consultations

Sarah is available for face-to-face consultations in Sydney and The Hunter Valley (Wallsend) on certain dates, both in and out of work hours. Please contact Sarah with your request.

Additional charges apply to travel.

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