Relationships are vital to our wellbeing and who we will become in the future. According to Motivational speaker, Jim Rohn, we are the average of the five people we spend the most time with. Is your partner helping you to be your best?
Scared of being alone? Moving from one relationship to the next, only for the lines to blur and for them all to end in the same way? Perhaps your subconscious is looking to repeat patterns of high-intensity, reliving the events, in the hope of a better ending. Sarah’s work promotes freedom, independence and respect for individuality.
Get set to redefine what a healthy relationship means to you, recreate your relationship role models and learn how to date yourself, and others, in a healthy way.


People want to work with Sarah because her practical and strategic support works!

Whether you’re in a relationship or wanting to build one with yourself or someone else, Sarah can help.

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Your Self-Love

The relationship we have with ourselves is underrated and overlooked much of the time. Introducing self-care!

This connection is vital to our wellbeing. It evolves with us throughout life, and requires maintenance and nurturing for our inner peace.

Recommended for functional people struggling with circumstantial depression, anxiety or low-self-esteem.

Healthy Relationships

Maintaining a healthy relationship takes time, patience and energy. At times they can be all-consuming!

Many people who struggle with relationship issues (love addiction, codependency and love avoidance due to abandonment issues)  often only realise the depth of their struggle once they’re sabotaging a once-loving relationship.

Ignite the chemistry and passion again!

Toxic Relationships

These relationships, including narcissistic abuse and domestic violence, can impact every aspect of you, ultimately sucking the life out of you. What you once thought was perfect, may have turned out to be a complete fabrication.

Looking for better days?

If you’re in a toxic relationship, or recently left, and you want to heal for the final time – you’re in the right place!

Blog: Help with Happiness








Practical posts to assist you to keep your inner peace in tact as you navigate your way through life. Top tips on how to properly self-care for 100% self-love.

Blog: Help with Harmony








Practical posts to assist you to keep your relationship healthy with mutual love, respect and adoration and a lively spark!

Blog: Help with Healing








Practical posts to assist you on your healing journey after a toxic relationship, narcissistic abuse or domestic violence.

Tools & Resources

Self-Love Resources








These resources will help you to quickly establish your unconditional self-love

Healthy Love Resources








These resources will help you to establish and maintain a healthy relationship

Healing Resources








These resources will guide your healing journey following a toxic relationship


Screw you! I'm choosing me







This community encourages you to say: Screw you! I’m choosing me









These ebooks and workbooks assist your journey so that you can be your best




These videos by Sarah J Webb talk you through healing using self-love strategies

Join a SYICM Program

You no longer need to survive alone!

I offer two SYICM programs that people can join. One is for non-professional survivors of a toxic relationship who are looking to give back; and the other is for industry professionals who are looking to help more people and encourage the community with their expertise.

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Here’s what my clients say…


My life is so my easier thanks to Sarah’s guidance.
Matt, Australia


Sarah has profound knowledge in her profession and is one of the best!
Ryan, USA

My marriage is happier than ever!
Craig, Australia


I finally found the courage to leave my (very toxic) boyfriend of 7 years.
Lani, USA

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