What my clients say…






Pamela, Florida, USA

“Her direct approach and ability to guide me to understanding the toxicity of my relationship(s) has put me on the path I have been searching for to heal once and for all. Thank you so much for helping me to understand and see a path to happiness!!”






Yvonne, Sydney, Australia

A wonderful forum, where we can share our innermost thoughts freely, and learn from others experiences.






Ryan, Utah, USA

“Hi there!!! It’s not often these days you meet someone in this busy world that is like Sarah!!! She is full of energy and has found her passion in life by helping others in there journey!!
Sarah has profound knowledge in her profession and is one of the best!! The one thing that sticks out most and separates her from the rest is her ability to give her upmost attention to you in a time of need one on one!!! Where as a coach with her expertise could take one up to 6 months for a VISIT!!
Sarah is compassionate, caring and knowledgeable…. while being stern,bold and to the point!! I feel Sarah demonstrates these qualities well and is one of the best ever at coaching!!
Sarah will lead and guide you in a direction that is aligned getting you feeling comfortable again with rapid results!!!!!!”






Celeste, Queensland, Australia

“I was a goal driven action-oriented person, who thought I had plenty of answers, before being coached by Sarah. However from the start of our coaching journey to its beautiful completion, I have grown well beyond my hopes and expectations. I have a business and family life I am proud of, thanks to Sarah’s coaching. Sarah walked along side me in my journey of life, providing safety, but also challenged me and helped me find the confidence to become the best version of myself yet!”






Michelle, Sydney, Australia

“Just wanted to say thanks so much for the resources. They were truly useful and valuable to myself and my colleagues as we try to help our friend. It was really valuable to have an insight into how best to approach someone in an abusive situation and I took a lot of the advice from your brochure on support.”






Lani, Kailua, Hawaii

“I just read your article about “Toxic Relationships”. Thanks to that article I finally found the courage to leave my (very toxic) boyfriend of 7 years. I’ve known for quite some time that it was over but I just couldn’t find a way out – until your article. I just wished I had read it a lot sooner. Every time I was tempted to contact him after his relentless emails, calls, texts, etc. I read your article and it stopped me from doing so. You have no idea how incredibly grateful I am for helping me find my strength in your words.”






Craig, Sydney, Australia

“The benefits that I have gained from coaching have changed my whole perception of what coaching is and what it can do … thanks to Sarah, my marriage is happier and healthier than ever!”






Lara, Launceston, Tasmania

“My sessions with Sarah have left me feeling empowered, both personally and professionally. I would highly recommend Sarah’s services to anyone looking to enhance their life or break through any personal or professional barriers.”


Ansuya, Sydney, Australia

“Sarah is very compassionate and insightful in her approach and helped me to come up with new directions in all aspects of life. I felt inspired and energised after each session with her.”






Matt, Sydney, Australia

“I found it really hard to get help before I found this group and now that I’m here, everything is making a lot more sense and my life is so my easier thanks to Sarah’s guidance.”