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There are three groups you need to consider engaging to grow your brand easily and effectively at very little cost. The three groups of people you need to engage for your business include partners, volunteers and ambassadors – and although they may some similar, each hold very different roles and perform tasks to achieve different business outcomes. The best part is they’re very little to find and maintain and there is little to no upfront costs in exchange for big business benefits!

Here are the roles simply defined:

Partners: These are business owners at your level or slightly ahead in terms of customer base with a brand, products and services that either compliment or align with yours.

Volunteers: These are people who are prepared to work for your business for free. They’re the additional resources (casual) you can reach for whenever you need a helping hand.

Ambassadors: These are the people who love your business and will sing your praises to the world with very little prompting. They have used your products and services and received great results.

What people you do need?


Business partners are people who share your vision and values, with complimentary products and services. The idea is that you team up to help each other grow.

Or, if you have the space and someone has the products, you could work with your partners on a consignment basis – so you help sell their products and as they move, you receive a commission.

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Let’s Connect!


People who are willing to work for free, either to gain skills in a workplace or because they’re passionate about your mission, are invaluable and often underutilised by businesses.

If you can employ staff, you can employ volunteers! There are many people willing to help due to a variety of circumstances – they may be between jobs, retired or interns looking for work experience.

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I Need Help!


People love your business and want to share it with the world – so you can stop struggling with unshared content and surrender in your frustrating uphill battle: convincing people to like you.

Vibrant reviews and people happy to engage and share your content are just around the corner! Ambassadors are available for every business, they just need guidance on how to help.

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