My team design beautiful logos that can be used across all professional platforms and for all purposes.

Each logo package includes a standard full colour logo, stacked version, black and white, grey scale, RGB and a cute little graphic or primary image to use for favicons and other things, where you need to see your brand at a glance.

Why logos matter…

Your logo is the epitome of your business and brand integrity summarised in one simple visual design. This encompasses your business identity, expresses values and ensures your business easily identifiable and memorable.

One logo can have a huge impact on your brand. You will be seeing it, working with it, accessing it all the time so it’s important that you love it! You may also like to ask for buy in from some of your customers, and see what they feel best represents your brand. Gathering together a variety of opinions from different members of your target audience is essential to help you make a final decision about which logo is best for your business.

While you often get what you pay for when it comes to design, sometimes basic is best! Twitter spent US$15 and Nike paid US$35 for their swoosh.

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Sample designs

Briefing form

Other marketing materials and designs

The creative team is also responsible for designing and printing (optional) professional flyers, posters, videos and other marketing materials.

For more information or to get a quote for some design materials, please fill in the design brief below.

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