Life pressures can cause a lot of stress, whether it’s caused by peer pressure, bullying, behavioural problems or simply just us putting pressure on ourselves, our lives can become completely unbareable very quickly – and it can be overwhelming and isolating.

Sarah J Webb works on the belief that everyone behaves in the best way they know how with the tools, values, beliefs and experiences that they’ve encountered in their lives.

Deeply passionate about helping teens and adults to find the best way forward for them, Sarah works face-to-face to cut through the superficial behaviours and find the route of the issue, ultimately guiding clients to a better, happier and healthier path.


People want to work with Sarah because of her empathy, compassion and unlimited resources to help get them where they’re trying to go.

Whether you’re stuck somewhere in life, struggling with something that feels overwhelming or in need to start over again, Sarah J Webb can help.

Are you ready to take action and explore your options? Let’s get started!

If you are only interested in booking a face-to-face consultation, please avoid disappointment – contact Sarah first to ensure she is available in your city.




Developing self-confidence whether you feel you had it and lost it (possibly due to bullying or an accident), or you feel like you never had it and it’s time to make a change, Sarah J Webb can help.

Confidence is the turnkey to greater success in your life – whether you want to achieve more at work, at home or even just within yourself.

Recommended for functional people struggling with low confidence and self-esteem.

Better Results

Looking to enhance your results at work, school, in sport or another area of life?

Often people focus their time on strengthening their weaknesses rather than trying to further enhance their strengths. While this may ultimately deliver balance, it can also hinder you from getting on with what you’re good at, leading to fatigue, burn out, and an overall lack of motivation and drive.

Recommended for hard-workers willing to do what it takes to get the best results.

Future Planning

Trying to look ahead in life but not clear on what you see or how things are going to unfold? Stuck between needing a psychic and actually making things happen? Sarah J Webb can help.

Partnering with you to help you determine the happy space between what you want and what is possible, and assist you to take steps forward; this support is proven to work.

Recommended for people who are feeling really stuck in life.