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One of the most desirable groups to be in while healing, this is where people share healing strategies and look for solutions to feel good again.

Read The Rules, join us and share where you’re up to and what you’re going to try next.

This is the people’s forum where you run the group. It’s not faciliated and very thinly moderated but rules still apply. People can post as they please within the bounds of these rules. If you’re happy to be among others who also just want to heal – this is the perfect environment for you.

Note: We’re really big on collaboration! If you’re a healing professional, and here to get more work for your business – PLEASE introduce yourself in a private message to Sarah J Webb before joining. This is the difference between getting endorsed and receiving the work, and being permanently banned. It’s also in the rules. :)

An ENGAGED community who want the basics:

check-157822_960_720 A peaceful space for healing and support

check-157822_960_720 A thriving community of people who are all healing from toxic and abusive relationships

For your protection, this group does not allow:

incorrect-294245_960_720 Vents, rants and triggering content

incorrect-294245_960_720 Bullying, judgement, threats, harrassment

incorrect-294245_960_720 Soliciting posts of ANY kind

incorrect-294245_960_720 Naming and shaming

incorrect-294245_960_720 Stalkers, fake profiles, nudity and provocative behaviour – keep our community safe!

incorrect-294245_960_720 Sharing group content outside the group forum – what’s said in the group, stays in the group

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