Ideas Collective

I am passionate about working in a team with creative, entrepreneurial minds. I love meeting with these types of people. I love discussing ideas and finding ways to make things work. I love working through ideas for collaboration. And above everything – I love watching people put their ideas into practice and seeing them succeed. I love the doers!

Part of this passion to be around inspiring minds, is what drove me to host Sydney’s Live Your Legend, a global entrepreneurial group which originated in San Francisco. I now host a monthly group in the city of Sydney for these fabulous minds to come together and share ideas and develop their confidence towards living the life they want to live, and doing it their way.

I also coach people to help them find their purpose and then take big steps on their path to start moving them in the direction they want to go. If you’re interested in having a conversation with me about this, you can lock that in right here. During these sessions you’ll get a clear idea of what’s possible, anything that may stand in your way and how to overcome those obstacles so you can continue to take steps to success.

And finally, I love working on BiteSkills in my spare time. This is where people can up-skill in small bites – they’re 45 minute workshops that help people to learn a new skill that will help them either on their entrepreneurial journey or within their product or service-based business. You can learn more about it here.




Live Your Legend is a global entrepreneurial group and I host the Sydney chapter once a month. You can find the next group (it’s completely free) on EventBrite, or you can keep up by joining our Facebook group.

BiteSkills is where you develop and up-skill in bite-sized pieces. Each workshop is 45 minutes long (uni lecture length) where you learn one idea, skill or topic to enhance your entrepreneurial journey. Workshops are free – find them here.

Do you need a mentor? A fellow entrepreneurial mind who has done a lot on their journey already? I offer support and strategic sessions for creative people who are ready to take action. Are you ready? Let’s catch up!