Re: Intervention program for people in toxic relationships

Relationship-related deaths are on the rise – homicides and suicides. Statistics we have:

  • 1 woman a week is killed – often leaving behind family, friends, children

  • 1 in 3 targets for this abuse are men; who hardly have any voice at all

  • 1 person every 3 hours kills themselves. Many of these suicides are linked to “depression” rather than attributing the specific circumstances responsible

Our police and legal systems (globally) are overwhelmed and subjective – leaving people without the proper care, options and support they need. Currently genuine people who and fought their fears, self-doubt, shame and beliefs to reach out in the first place – and need support – are being left for dead.

It happened to me … twice:

  1. A man tried to take my life three times (including running me down in his car). I explained the situation to the police: “You can take out an ADVO but it’s just a piece of paper… it doesn’t do anything”. I told them that was what he was threatening to get it against me. A week later, the same police station served me on his behalf – on New Years Eve – for lifting his car windscreen wiper blades.

    I spent $10,000 moving and ensuring my safety. He turned to online forums to try to find me including setting up a fake profile and trying to befriend me to find me. I returned to the police to be told I was on a “revenge mission” and I’m “attractive and should just move on”. I went to a magistrate who told me that by finding the fake profile I was “in breach of the ADVO, facing two years jail time and a $1,500 fine”. These statements are direct quotes.

  1. Years later another partner cheated on me, so I ended the relationship. He turned up at my house and threatened to kill himself if I didn’t leave with him. He was removed. When I returned to the station to ask for an ADVO the next day, I was told “mental illness is not a crime”. He banged on windows and doors at all hours for the next three months until I relocated again.

This is unacceptable!

Let me introduce myself: I’m Sarah J Webb – I am qualified to help people to rapidly restore their independence following toxic relationships, and I act as a healing facilitator to help them get past these damaging (and often addictive) relationships.

I created “Screw you! I’m choosing me” – an intervention program for people in toxic relationships. Designed to educate, facilitate healing and assist people to move on; the movement empowers people in the toxic relationship to take responsibility, and subsequent action, and to make the best educated decisions for their situation.

The entire movement and everything we touch on centres around four “EASY” steps, including: Education, Action, Safety, Yesterday (leaving it in the past)

I offer four options for a person in the above situation to get the support they need:

  • A free support group:

  • A facilitated group hosted via MeetUp

  • An online 12-week program including an advanced healing forum with closer support (coming soon)

  • I also offer one-on-one support





If you are a police station, hospital, medical centre or relevant venue, I need your help to print, cut and distribute the attached flyers. The idea is to ensure that anyone who is asking for help or is in need receives the support they are trying to find. It could save their life! Download the flyer



If you head to Facebook and type “Screw you” into the search the free Facebook group will appear. You can also find information about it on Google by typing “Screw you! I’m choosing me”. Even if you just generally inform them so they can do the rest, every referral counts.



A lot of the work I am currently doing is free, which isn’t sustainable and people aren’t getting as much out of it because there’s no investment.

In order to reach as many people as I can, I’m looking for sponsors or investors who may be interested in helping me to bring this to life. If you are interested, please contact me