Want to be with people who GET IT?

Surround yourself with people who are genuinely doing everything they can to heal and learn more practical healing strategies in a safe environment.

Hosted by Sarah J Webb – Leading Independence Coach and Healing Facilitator.


These carefully facilitated workshops are NOT support groups. We don’t look back – we look forward. We don’t talk about the pain, the bruises, or the scars – we talk about what we’re doing tomorrow, next week, next year… We share healing strategies and help each other take the next healing step so you can feel happy, fulfilled and free again.

We’ve said: “Screw You!” Now we need to understand what we can do to “Choose Me”, focusing on successes and what we CAN do to live the life we want.

Everyone welcome whether you’re currently in a toxic relationship or not (this is not a “How to break up with your partner in twelve steps” program).

RSVP Quickly – numbers are LIMITED!

An INTERACTIVE group for people determined to understand and heal

check-157822_960_720 Positive and proactive workbooks with a forward-focus on topics you cover

check-157822_960_720 Workshops – so we can avoid hardcore triggers

check-157822_960_720 Practical ideas to move you from where you are

check-157822_960_720 Insight into the overall healing process

check-157822_960_720 Content to adjust your mindset for better healing

check-157822_960_720 Access to healing resources including videos, blogs, books and one-pagers

check-157822_960_720 Explore and discuss strategies to help them fit to your life

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Not in Sydney, Australia? Ask Sarah to host in your city!