Connection via Database Creation & Management

A client recently came to me desperate for genuine support that produced fast results. Not all promise and no-action as they were receiving from other agencies. They had a shopfront that was full of product and had two shop assistants inside – but no customers were coming in. They were struggling to find customers and get them in their doors.

I went in there and sat with the business owner and to my astonishment not one customer came in the doors all day. I’m not sure how they had survived! So we got talking and it turned out they were sitting on a landmine of customer information but they didn’t know what to do with it. Databases are essential – because using that, we were able to turn things around and introduce some new money-injection strategies within the week! Surprisingly this story isn’t uncommon, the good news is there is reliable support available.

Database Management

If you already have a database of customer information you may be wondering how you can transform a simple list of names, email addresses and phone numbers into transactions that lead to more profit for your business.

Not everyone is in the know when it comes to money-injecting strategies that can transform a business from being near to closing its doors to making it a success.

Let’s start with a strategy session to discuss how things are going, what you’ve tried and what steps you can try this week and next to try to get more customers through your doors.

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Database Creation

There are two types of databases that can help you to reach more customers. A client database that can be built using various lead generating strategies, and a professional database that can be used to draw in partnerships and affiliate programs to better sell your products and services.

Not everyone knows how to use each of these databases to rapidly boost the bottom line of a business.

Let’s start with a strategy session to discuss how things are going, what you’ve tried and what you can try to build more relationships and subsequent profit.

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