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I have a communications degree from a university that is highly competitive to get into, and have been writing professionally for more than ten years for a variety of industries.

The type of content I enjoy writing is for the everyday person – whether it’s internal communications or a technical organisation sharing for stakeholders. I enjoy writing content people can easily understand, digest and use to make better informed decisions, particularly when it comes to further interaction with that business.

From pages on your website, to blog posts, to social media posts and beyond – I write engaging content that inspires, informs and drives the audience to take action.

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Social Media




My recent experience and success with professional writing comes with SEO content and blog posts. One single post was responsible for becoming the basis for a coaching business, and it directed and moved hundreds of thousands of people to the new website.

To be successful on social media know who your target market is and genuinely care about them. It’s most important to just be yourself. People on social media channels sniff out in-authenticity really quickly and as a result your platform will suffer.

Newsletters are a great channel to use when touching your audience regularly. For better engagement in each edition, include regular columns that help readers easily locate the information they need. Appeal to a diverse readership by writing a mix of news and softer stories.

EDMs (Electronic Direct Mail) enables you to reach out to customers and ask them to do something for you ie. book a service or purchase a new product. Each email should direct the person to a clear and concise Call To Action button where they can follow up.

Presentations are used to share ideas and convey information – but often people overload the slides with content. The most successful presenters have concise messaging on their slides and elaborate on the detail verbally. Both are aligned and they’re rehearsed.

For more information about the content I can provide for your business, please contact me for a consultation.

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