A Global Intervention Program for people healing from Toxic Relationships


Healing doesn’t have to be HARD…

This program is designed for people who are in a toxic relationship and trying to get out or to those who are out and struggling to let go and regain control over their lives.

Have you broken off with someone but found there’s an invisible force keeping you stuck or pulling you back in?

Is this your second? (Third? Fourth? Fifth? Tenth? …Hundredth?) time leaving your relationship and you’re terrified you’ll get sucked back in AGAIN?

Are you tired of hearing the same promises from someone who makes zero effort to change – yet you find yourself stuck with the hope and only seeing their potential?

If you just left a toxic relationship only to realise the healing journey has just begun and you’re not sure where to start – you’re not alone!

Sarah J Webb supports people seeking their independence from a relationship whether they have just left the relationship or have been out for years and still finding it hard to properly heal and move forward.

Sarah’s communities provide a positive environment with strategies that help people with moving forward.

If you’re being haunted from a toxic relationship – it’s time to slay the ghost and heal old wounds.

Available for women AND men.

What’s so good:
– No one stays stuck in this group.
– Everyone searches for answers together.
– It’s hosted by a professional coach.
– The facilitation of these groups: well planned and executed.

There are more than 2,000 people in the inspiring community who are prepared to do whatever it takes to move forward from their painful experience. Healing needs to be a priority to join these groups and forums.

These communities are best used for support between private appointments with Sarah J Webb or another professional, and used as support between appointments or when using the “Screw you! I’m choosing me” 12-week program.

In fact, it’s EASY

The entire “Screw you! I’m choosing me” movement centres around the four “EASY” steps:

EEducate yourself

Discover what kind of relationship you’re in (healthy, toxic, abusive); Work out what sort of person you’re dealing with (healthy, narcissist, psychopath); Find out what options are available for you (Where can you go next? What can you do now?)

A – Take Action

You have done the hard work and educated yourself – you know what is wrong and what you need to do now. The research is all there. Now you need to take appropriate steps to walk towards your healing and inner peace.

S – Stay Safe

Keep yourself as safe as possible from the toxic person; particularly if you have fears of retribution. No piece of paper; goal sentence; changing your mindset will be enough in some cases. This step means ensuring you make the best decisions for you – even if it means short-term inconvenience for long-term freedom.

Y – Leave it in Yesterday

Once you know what to do (you’re educated), you have left the volatile situation (taken action), you know that you are completely safe, you can then leave all this behind you and start to focus forward. This means overcoming the obsessive thoughts, counting down to your next healing milestone and decluttering your life so there are no triggers to keep you stuck in what is now: yesterday.

Communities and resources focus on 100% healing!


Here’s what people are saying…

The group tends to focus on more positive aspects of healing, empowerment and growth from the whole experience and looking to the future rather than dwelling on what happened. It has helped me a lot.
This group has helped by giving me some confirmation and ideas on approaches to dealing with my toxic relationship past. I’ve read about challenges of toxic relationship and how to identify how not to get into that trap again. Thanks!
This has been helpful and more healing has happened more quickly than I ever thought possible. It’s opened my eyes to the true behaviors I’m dealing with and what steps need to be taken to make me whole. Thank you for your time and guidance for all of us. I’ve learned to focus on me.
I initially joined your group, Screw you! I’m choosing me, out of amused curiosity, and then to my surprise, a sense of sad, but relatable understanding once I realised what the group was about – and how many people has suffered through the same circumstances. You must get this a lot, but I admire the fact that you put forward this group into the world, because it has undoubtedly helped so many people (including me).
Hi again, I just want to share my gratitude to this group for being the support system I needed to understand myself and slowly begin my healing process. I was going through a hard enough time trying to figure out what was going on with me and I knew from the outside looking in everyone was wondering what was wrong with me and I didn’t even know what was wrong with me. With the lack of support from my family it pushed me to find this group and you guys have helped me begin to rationalize what happened to me and I am beginning to help my family understand that there is a right way and wrong way to offer their support.
Thank you for posting this Sarah Webb. Very true and thanks for looking out for the group. That is why this group is clearly the best online support group I have found for true healing.