Healing doesn’t have to be HARD

Leaving a toxic or abusive relationship is challenging. Healing from it can be really difficult.

Once you’re out, you quickly discover that you’ve only just started the healing process.

Feeling alone? Not sure what you should do next? Say ‘Screw You! I’m Choosing Me’ and join the group – a free forum dedicated to YOUR healing!



This group is ONLY for people who have left the relationship – whether it was yesterday or years ago and you’re still suffering.

There are more than 1,000 action-takers that are prepared to do whatever it takes to move forward from their painful experience. Healing needs to be a priority to join this group.

This community is best used for support between one-on-one appointments with me or another professional to provide support between appointments.

This is a FREE forum and is not to be relied on for ALL your healing support.

Here’s what we offer:

check-157822_960_720 A peaceful space for healing and support

check-157822_960_720 Practical suggestions for how you can move forward from where you are

check-157822_960_720 Insight into the overall healing process

check-157822_960_720 A thriving community of people who are all healing from toxic and abusive relationships

check-157822_960_720 Positive and proactive resources with a forward-focus

This group does not allow:

incorrect-294245_960_720 Vent/rant posts in the open forum

incorrect-294245_960_720 Triggering content

incorrect-294245_960_720 Bullying/Judgement

incorrect-294245_960_720 Soliciting posts of ANY kind

incorrect-294245_960_720 Nudity or provocative behaviour

incorrect-294245_960_720 Threats or harrassment

incorrect-294245_960_720 Stalkers – we only accept legitimate profiles

incorrect-294245_960_720 Sharing group content outside the group forum – what’s said in the group, stays in the group

incorrect-294245_960_720 Excuses or denial around No Contact

This space is for 100% healing!

Please read the rules


Here’s what people in the community say…

The group tends to focus on more positive aspects of healing, empowerment and growth from the whole experience and looking to the future rather than dwelling on what happened. It has helped me a lot.
This group has helped by giving me some confirmation and ideas on approaches to dealing with my toxic relationship past. I’ve read about challenges of toxic relationship and how to identify how not to get into that trap again. Thanks!
This has been helpful and more healing has happened more quickly than I ever thought possible. It’s opened my eyes to the true behaviors I’m dealing with and what steps need to be taken to make me whole. Thank you for your time and guidance for all of us. I’ve learned to focus on me.
I initially joined your group, Screw you! I’m choosing me, out of amused curiosity, and then to my surprise, a sense of sad, but relatable understanding once I realised what the group was about – and how many people has suffered through the same circumstances. You must get this a lot, but I admire the fact that you put forward this group into the world, because it has undoubtedly helped so many people (including me).
Hi again, I just want to share my gratitude to this group for being the support system I needed to understand myself and slowly begin my healing process. I was going through a hard enough time trying to figure out what was going on with me and I knew from the outside looking in everyone was wondering what was wrong with me and I didn’t even know what was wrong with me. With the lack of support from my family it pushed me to find this group and you guys have helped me begin to rationalize what happened to me and I am beginning to help my family understand that there is a right way and wrong way to offer their support.
Thank you for posting this Sarah Webb. Very true and thanks for looking out for the group. That is why this group is clearly the best online support group I have found for true healing.