Communities & Connection

How do you create a highly engaged community? And when you’re getting started, what is the secret to encouraging people to interact online? These are the big questions people ask when starting out with an online community.

Every community starts with a daunting blank page on a social media platform or an initial concept, but no people.

My experience

In 2007-2010 I successfully created five online communities on MySpace with up to 10,000 people in each to promote unsigned bands around Australia. I have no musical talents. I started this the first year I ever attended a unsigned gig. I may not have had a lot of knowledge in the field but I had a clear vision and plenty of persistence.

In 2014 I was responsible for creating a highly successful offline ambassador program for a charity, which included marketing the perks of being an ambassador and organising an event to initiate the ambassadors into the program, with a very small budget.

In 2017-2018 I replicated my online strategy to Facebook and created a growing community of more than 2,500 highly engaged people. This forum focused on healing from toxic relationships and consisted of men and women – and even the men were talking.

It doesn’t matter what the topic is or who you want to target, what matters is your vision and your persistence in bringing it to life.





Creating and maintaining highly engaged communities drives traffic to your website and can help to effortlessly promote your mission and brand. It’s easy – you just need to know your business.


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