What made you originally join the group?

It was another ending, another heartbreak, more excuses and loads more lies. I followed my intuition; My guts gnawing at me with alarm bells to wake the dead. With a broken heart and tangled knots in my stomach, I starting searching for answers on Google. My God reading my life, for the past 3 years, there it was in black and white and it had a name – narcissistic personality disorder.

Reading and reading I discovered I was not alone and there were places where I could find support and ways forward through this mess. I stumbled upon a support page on my google searches. “Screw you I’m choosing me” Facebook page.

What do you like the most about the group?

It’s a very diverse page dedicated to healing from toxic relationships. For both male and females perspectives who have experienced what I had been going through. It’s very interactive and positive, with lots of guidance from the creator and the members.

Everyone’s experiences where different, with healing stages of different levels. So hope can be found, and an insight on what is coming in your own progress. I love the site is monitored for positive affirmations of healing. It’s like one big happy family who genuinely care about your emotional wellbeing. I feel comfort in these friends, even if it was a bad day.

What is the best piece of advice you have received from the group?

The best and only answer here is: To heal in your way in your time. As long as you were healing.

My healing journey has not finished yet, and I’m not sure how long it will take, but having insight into different healing stages has most certain given me inspiration to strive towards what I know is good.

The Facebook page made me realise that these people cannot and will not change, it was a matter of reading other people’s healing journey.

Knowing your not alone by finding this site has given me the insight to choose how I was being treated in my relationship – and I chose me. I saw the evidence of happiness from the members in this group.

Would you recommend the group to a friend?

Absolutely, if it helps one other person heal and remember their worth, then the group has done their job!