6. Craft the content

At the start your content may be really broad while you nail down what you really want to drive your community towards. Here was my thought process at the start. “I’ll start a community. Something about toxic relationships – I don’t want to help people leave: stuff that – that’s too hard, that’s gotta be their choice … I want [...]

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5. Carefully select your people

You need to be ultra-aware of who you’re letting into your community because these are the people you’re writing content for, so it is worth time taken to look at each profile before allowing people into the space. You need your support network to participate in your posts – you need it for you but you also need it for [...]

4. Set your rules and boundaries

Keeping your “why” in mind, start thinking of some basic rules you want to implement in the group. You may want to look at what similar groups have written for rules. Set rules that will save you time. One rule I added was NO VIDEOS! This is because I only wanted good, reliable content in my group that I was [...]

3. Create the group

Be unique! A lot of people have the same ideas, before you create your group check to see if there's a same group for the same topic using the same or a similar name and select from there. Sometimes we need to stop questioning ourselves and just start. This may be one of those times. So dive in and just [...]

2. Pick a name (any name)

The name you choose for your group actually doesn’t matter at the beginning. When you get a couple of hundred people in the group, you may like to get their help to rename it to something appropriate.   Don’t be afraid to evolve your name and community themes and adapt it to your audience as time goes on. Originally my [...]

1. Choose a topic/area to specialise in

You could pitch your idea to a friend who is equally entrepreneurial minded or who shares a similar skillset and see if they may be interested in helping you. Write your group mission in a sentence or two and share it with someone you think may be interested in joining your group. Know what you want to engage with people [...]