Moving out VERSUS Moving on

The most exciting and terrifying words people say in my Facebook group - 'Screw you, I'm choosing me': "I've moved out" It's exciting: YEAH!! We want to celebrate with you!!! It's terrifying: Sadly this means different things for different people. And it doesn't necessarily calculate to moving on. In fact about 80% of people in the group don't have any [...]

What to do when you can’t do No Contact? The Gray Rock Method

Whether you work with your narcissist, co-parent, or feel as though No Contact is simply not an option. There is another method you can try to detatch from your narcissist: Gray Rock. This is for anyone who can’t do No Contact No matter what the reason – if you need to keep contact with a narcissist or psychopath for any [...]

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Seven tips for emotionally surviving family court

One thing I know for sure is: our systems suck! Let me paint you a scenario so you can understand why I take this view: In my line of work, I often have clients who have taken out a restraining order against their ex-partner to maintain their safety and wellbeing. What these people are generally trying to do is not [...]

How to fast-track your way to acceptance

TOOT! TOOT!!! All aboard the acceptance express!!! Here's how you can fast track your way to acceptance of someone's behaviour/choices/character when no one around you gets it... (Or maybe they're too hung up on their own agenda to throw you an olive branch...) 1. Research it First profile the person so you can see on paper that it's a fit. [...]

An alternative to No Contact: The Gray Rock Method

No Contact isn’t always possible as you end a toxic or abusive relationship. You may need to co-parent; you may fear judgement from others; you may be scared of your next punishment; you may work together … or it may be another reason. In this case, it’s ideal to create an environment where they want to leave you – rather [...]

How do I leave a toxic relationship?

There is an easy way to leave a toxic relationship, but the answer can seem a little weak, so you need to hang in there for an explanation. Because there's a reason why I keep talking about self-love and self-care in group posts on Screw You! I'm Choosing Me WHY do I keep talking about self-love? Why is self-care so [...]