How to save time and make money in your business

Not long ago I walked into a very small business that was struggling to turn a profit. The business owner wasn’t connecting with customers very well, and although they had staff – the owner couldn’t say what they did in the place of business outside of the odd task that was set. My question was: if someone walked out tomorrow [...]

11. Set goals for expanding your group

If your group isn’t your #1 hangout place when you go to Facebook – you’re doing something wrong. It should be front of mind when you’re checking in on your Facebook. “How’s my friends? Oooh! How’s my community?” Think of it like a Tamagotchi – it needs food, love and nurturing! If you don’t like it: no one else will. [...]

10. Promote your group

Once you’ve got a handle on things, start picking up the pace – advertise your group where your people are going to see it. Not sure who your people are or how to get them? Make a database that lists places you can advertise your group including a URL to the page so it’s easy to go back – and [...]

9. Ask for reviews regularly

Getting reviews can be a challenge for anyone, particularly in support groups. New people will keep coming in and you need to keep gauging why they are there and what they like about the group. Don’t like to toot your own horn? Ask what people are getting out of the group – keep an eye out for any comments that [...]

8. Save the posts that work

When it works and you get a lot of people in your community reacting and responding to something you have said – KEEP IT! Re-post it later. If you get a lot of people liking or responding to someone else’s comment – it’s indication they know or care about that topic, that may make for a great blog or a [...]

7. Engage your audience

The best way to engage an audience is to ask for more engagement/input into ideas. When I changed my name, I had three different polls. If you have around 250-300 friends it may be time to review your name to something shocking or something that better connects with your audience. If it’s punchy/shocking but still relevant – your community will [...]