6 tips to smash the fantasy in your head

Leaving a toxic relationship is always more challenging than leaving a healthy relationship because of the fantasy etched in our minds of who the person was that we were with. I get asked a lot about how to override that fantasy of the person to avoid getting sucked back into the relationship where you have been helplessly stuck in an [...]

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How to behave assertively after a toxic relationship

Toxic relationships teach us a lot ... but if there's ever a really good time to learn assertive communication, it's in the space - and in the silence - following a toxic relationship. This is where you should shift your focus to you anyway, but it's also when it can be most tempting to carry on the traits of our [...]

How to avoid being triggered in your healing

Now that I’m managing a group I can see how lots of people are getting repetitively triggered throughout their healing so I decided to write a blog about it and tomorrow I’m going to jump into the group (Screw you! I’m choosing me) and do a Facebook Live about it to recap. First of all – let’s start by defining [...]

Moving out VERSUS Moving on

The most exciting and terrifying words people say in my Facebook group - 'Screw you, I'm choosing me': "I've moved out" It's exciting: YEAH!! We want to celebrate with you!!! It's terrifying: Sadly this means different things for different people. And it doesn't necessarily calculate to moving on. In fact about 80% of people in the group don't have any [...]

What to do when you can’t do No Contact? The Gray Rock Method

Whether you work with your narcissist, co-parent, or feel as though No Contact is simply not an option. There is another method you can try to detatch from your narcissist: Gray Rock. This is for anyone who can’t do No Contact No matter what the reason – if you need to keep contact with a narcissist or psychopath for any [...]

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Seven tips for emotionally surviving family court

One thing I know for sure is: our systems suck! Let me paint you a scenario so you can understand why I take this view: In my line of work, I often have clients who have taken out a restraining order against their ex-partner to maintain their safety and wellbeing. What these people are generally trying to do is not [...]