• The best way to engage an audience is to ask for more engagement/input into ideas.

  • When I changed my name, I had three different polls. If you have around 250-300 friends it may be time to review your name to something shocking or something that better connects with your audience. If it’s punchy/shocking but still relevant – your community will grow faster. Make people curious!

  • PEOPLE LOVE POLLS! Make sure you add polls here and there to get your community’s input on whatever you’re working on. This way they feel like they have some ownership too. Unfortunately on Facebook it can be tricky to keep up with them, you need to go back hunting for them… worth it though.

  • Outside the group – while the poll is going on: talk to your best (and most honest) entrepreneurial friend and bounce ideas off them.

    If it wasn’t for my best friend convincing me Screw You! I’m Choosing Me made a lot of sense for the group – I never would’ve pitched it. I was really nervous about it, it’s definitely not something my parents would be proud of me calling my group… but it’s not up to them. And it worked! Phew!

  • Another question I asked in the polls was “Who’s keen for me to take this offline, whether we have a group chat online or catch up in person?” Awesome response to that and again – it was more validation for the direction I wanted to take.

  • Here’s what my general content evolved into:


I have a question for you: when you started the healing process after a painful relationship experience, what was the first thing you did to heal?


Trying to leave a narcissist? Trying to get past someone with narcissistic tendencies??
FORGET what you THINK you know.
The memories aren’t real.
Narcissists deliberately groom their targets to take abuse in future. They rely on trauma bonding to suck you back in, no matter how bad it gets.
Instead of looking back, try starting today and creating the future you want.
You’ll find if you’re trying to start a new future with a narcissist – it’s freaking impossible! Instead of moving forward with you and supporting you, it’ll be apparent they’re sucking you back. They want you to stay stuck no matter how unhappy you are. Yes, it’s the opposite of love and a healthy relationship.
Narcissists need you stuck in the space you’re in to keep controlling you. This doesn’t mean feed them what they want and they’ll love you. They don’t feel empathy. They’re incapable of feeling love. Any love they claimed to have for you isn’t real.
Keep moving forward – change everything about yourself that the narcissist thinks they know. Reprogram yourself. Change your hobbies. Change your likes/dislikes. Change your routine. Change your number. Change your address.
Sure, it’s frustrating.
It can be really inconvenient.
But something I know for sure – narcissists can’t stalk you if they don’t know where you are.
Stop contact with the narcissist AND YOUR MUTUAL FRIENDS. Let go. The universe will replace them with healthy people, trust your journey. Release your fear of judgement – brace yourself for the evil smear campaign. Put yourself in your own little witness protection program where your life comes first.
Take your control back and enjoy the fresh start with fresh air to breathe ?
Starting again was the best decision I made.


{{ Tune into your inner wisdom }}

If someone else had gone through your exact experience and had completely healed – what might they suggest to you?


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