You need to be ultra-aware of who you’re letting into your community because these are the people you’re writing content for, so it is worth time taken to look at each profile before allowing people into the space.

You need your support network to participate in your posts – you need it for you but you also need it for the community. Trust me when I say it’s like a sloooow clap. When your posts are met by crickets (as I said, trial and error), it’s really encouraging to have a friend chime in – and shortly after, others will too.

Here’s some things you need to do before you let anyone join your group – SCOPE THEM OUT:

  • Look at the groups they’re already in (similar values/interests?)

  • Look at their profile – are their pictures legitimate?

  • Look at their friends: all men or all women?

  • Look at their wall: any posts that indicate they need you/are in the right place?

  • Be smart about who you let in. Have a look what groups they’re already in – it can give away their intentions for joining:

    Example: I have people who are in 147 groups “Swingerscouples(country)” “XXX hot stuff” “GET IT ON!” … If the people joining don’t share my values – they don’t join my group.

  • Don’t be afraid to say NO!

  • Next look at their profile. Take a look around. Look at their photos – are they legitimate? Look at their friends.

    Example: If it’s a man’s profile but they only have female friends: NO! If it’s a woman’s profile but they only have male friends: NO!

  • Look on their wall to see if they have posted something recently that indicates they’re interested in your topic – for me it’s easy – people post angry memes.

  • If it’s a competitor and you’re in your first 3-4 months building up: NO! (You’re not ready to get competitive at this point, give yourself a chance – self-preservation is key).


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