• Keeping your “why” in mind, start thinking of some basic rules you want to implement in the group. You may want to look at what similar groups have written for rules.

  • Set rules that will save you time.

    One rule I added was NO VIDEOS! This is because I only wanted good, reliable content in my group that I was sure would work, and while videos can be great – it can take a long time to review everyone’s videos … you could be ping-ponging between YouTube and Facebook all day!

  • People break rules. I don’t know why – they just do. So prepare yourself: this is guaranteed! You need to decide up front (now): what’s a warning, what’s a remove and what’s a block. Be consistent and RIGID. If people piss you off – they’re out.

  • Also – refer to your rules in the PINNED POST! Your pinned post is important because a lot of people access groups on their phone and they don’t see the rules as easily as they do on the computer. Keep this in mind.

For more ideas or to have an online community created for you, please contact Sarah J Webb