• Be unique! A lot of people have the same ideas, before you create your group check to see if there’s a same group for the same topic using the same or a similar name and select from there.

  • Sometimes we need to stop questioning ourselves and just start. This may be one of those times. So dive in and just get a start on it.

  • Think about your favourite groups that you go to: what do they do well? What don’t they do well? Why do you want to be there? What would make you want to follow/unfollow the group? Be mindful of all these things as you build it for the first time.

  • Make it yours, but don’t be afraid to base your group – name, images and content on another popular group – or a combination of groups. (They don’t even need to be related to the topic you’re hosting). If something stands out to you about something that you really like, then go for it!


For more ideas or to have an online community created for you, please contact Sarah J Webb