• The name you choose for your group actually doesn’t matter at the beginning. When you get a couple of hundred people in the group, you may like to get their help to rename it to something appropriate.


  • Don’t be afraid to evolve your name and community themes and adapt it to your audience as time goes on.

    Originally my group name was “Experience, Share, Heal”. Sounds bad, right? It connected with no one. When I had about three hundred people in the group I realised it was time for a change. I looked at other successful groups and their names and came up with “Screw you! I’m choosing me” – because the first step in ending a toxic relationship is to go No Contact. This worked for me because it allowed me to test on a small audience.


  • So while you’re starting out and frustrated at having a small audience – be thankful you don’t have hundreds in the group watching you make all your rookie mistakes. #silverlining


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