• If your group isn’t your #1 hangout place when you go to Facebook – you’re doing something wrong. It should be front of mind when you’re checking in on your Facebook. “How’s my friends? Oooh! How’s my community?” Think of it like a Tamagotchi – it needs food, love and nurturing!

  • If you don’t like it: no one else will. If you’re finding it hard – everyone else is finding it hard. Try to keep your content consistent, light and easy to digest.

  • Once it’s built as much as you can get it, start expanding and set bigger and bigger goals. So on average my group pulls 10 new people a day … about 3-4 get rejected. So I want to increase that to 20 people a day. How do I reach those people?

  • Keep yourself interested. Keep asking what your group want and what they need from you as the guru in this area. Keep offering your services – paid and free, and keep delivering value. Because you are VALUABLE! And this community you’re building is an extension of you <3


For more ideas or to have an online community created for you, please contact Sarah J Webb