• Once you’ve got a handle on things, start picking up the pace – advertise your group where your people are going to see it.

  • Not sure who your people are or how to get them?

  • Make a database that lists places you can advertise your group including a URL to the page so it’s easy to go back – and create templates of your advertisements so you can easily reuse them on these pages

  • Also, don’t be afraid to delete and re-post to keep the ad up the top of the page – the more visible, the better

  •  Here’s some ideas:

    – Use buy/swap/sell groups in all different areas

    – Redirect a pop-up to your group from your website homepage

    – Gumtree ad

    – Referrals from friends

    – Make a YouTube intro video

    – Link to the group from your most popular blog posts – not sure what’s popular? Add Google Analytics to your website

  • Remember: this is just while you get started. Ultimately your content should drive people to the group, along with word-of-mouth.


For more ideas or to have an online community created for you, please contact Sarah J Webb