Hello! How can I help you?

I am Sarah J Webb – welcome to my internet space

For those who don’t know me, I’m a highly-empathetic people person who proudly uses skills combined with experience and collected education to offer support to people like you.

I have a communications degree, a life coaching qualification, I’m an NLP practitioner, have certificates in trauma, assertive communication and counselling, host several events, and am a keen public speaker and presenter! (In fact, I’ve been professionally presenting since I was 19 years old)

I wear several hats so if you found your way here you’re either looking for Marketing Support or Healing Support from a toxic relationship.

Marketing Support

I support small businesses to connect with customers – whether it’s through building an engaging website, creating online communities, reaching out through the media, hosting events and presenting or other avenues. I’ve bundled all my successful business ideas and strategies and created systems and procedures to help you find and reach a loyal customer base.

Healing Support

I support women and men to heal from toxic relationships following a traumatic relationship experience – whether it’s through individual support, connecting with an understanding community, reading strategic articles or going to various events. I’ve combined my personal experience and education to help you recover, find a beautiful romance and live an incredible life.