Accessing strength during and after a toxic relationship is hard.

Self-doubt keeps you asking: should I stay or should I go?

And just as you fix things and it’s going well, something else goes wrong…

Deep down you know that person doesn’t make you feel special.

The worst part is that even though you’re not happy because you don’t feel like your partner treats you well: you may still want to stay with them.

I’m Sarah J Webb and I’m here to help you on a journey to a better you

Has your partner betrayed your trust?

Are you overwhelmed with hurt, pain and disappointment?

Is your once happy life, now a daily struggle?

Are you constantly second-guessing yourself?

Have you been betrayed so badly your head is spinning?

You’re probably desperately searching for a fast-acting emotional pain relief…

I know what it’s like!

If you are looking for a fresh start after losing friendships for this relationship;

If you have the motivation but not the steps;

If you’re determined to find your confidence and inner peace again…

And evolve into the best version of yourself…

I can help you!

My strategies offer fast-acting pain relief for emotional issues

Feel empowered to walk your path – with or without someone by your side.

Release things that no longer serve you, to find yourself again.

Access unconditional love, without depending on anyone else.

Fast-track your healing, gain closure and learn to protect yourself in future relationships.

Leaving the relationship you’re in may not be the answer…

I know you’re doing the best with what you have right now.

If you’re staying despite the pain, you’re not alone!

Many people stay for the bitter end, rather than leaving when they’re in love.

Just remember, the quality of your choices impact the quality of your life.

When you’re stuck in the haze of a toxic relationship, it impacts the decisions you make.

It’s easier when you don’t feel so alone with the problem. Which is why I’m here.

I help you decide which way to move, so that you’re happy.

I’m here to help you improve in all areas of your life, starting with your relationships.

I’m Sarah J Webb – let me take you on a journey to a better you.

Dating after narcissistic abuse


The road to recovery after any break up can be daunting. Overcoming abandonment and the loneliness, reconnecting with someone, dealing with self-blame… it can be really hard. Recovering from a relationship with a narcissist is even more difficult. The first instinct is generally to get straight back in a relationship with someone else to distract yourself. Here I talk about why that’s not a good idea…

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“The benefits that I have gained from coaching have changed my whole perception of what coaching is and what it can do … thanks to Sarah and Relationship Free, my marriage is happier and healthier than ever!”
Craig Newman, New South Wales, Australia
“I was a goal driven action-oriented person, who thought I had plenty of answers, before being coached by Sarah. However from the start of our coaching journey to its beautiful completion, I have grown well beyond my hopes and expectations. I have a business and family life I am proud of, thanks to Sarah’s coaching. Sarah walked along side me in my journey of life, providing safety, but also challenged me and helped me find the confidence to become the best version of myself yet!”
Celeste Dally, Queensland, Australia
“My sessions with Sarah have left me feeling empowered, both personally and professionally. I would highly recommend Sarah’s services to anyone looking to enhance their lives or break through a personal or professional barriers.”
Lara-Jane Busse, Tasmania, Australia
“Sarah is very compassionate and insightful in her approach and helped me to come up with new directions in all aspects of life. I felt inspired and energised after each session with her.”
Ansuya Singaram, New South Wales, Australia

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